The origins of Chilled and the benefits of CBD

by MEURIOT Philippe


2 years ago, Martin and I started to think about a plan for a soft drink that would benefit the body and the mind.

As we both come from the wine and spirits industry, we know the importance of having a good balance and a healthy lifestyle.

So we started our research around medicinal plants used in traditional medicine. One of them, under 2 varieties: hemp and cannabis, particularly caught our attention. Often stigmatized and over 10,000 years old, it has suffered major prohibition campaigns in most countries of the world.

This plant nevertheless offers very promising uses in many scientific fields and in medicine.

In the USA, it is common to treat the pain associated with heavy treatments with cannabis. Or the problems of insomnia and anxiety.


One of the molecules found in this plant, CBD, seems to be responsible for a large part of these benefits.


We attribute many virtues to it:


- optimize the natural response to pain, anxiety and anxiety

- balance the immune system

- improve sleep…

This molecule, legal in France, is not psychoactive and can be consumed without danger, in any context, unlike a molecule of the same plant, THC.


In the 1970s, neurosurgeon Antonio Zuardi of the University of Sao Paulo was one of the first to study the positive effects of THC and CBD on anxiety management.

Tests have been successfully performed on individuals suffering from agoraphobia and social anxiety.

Since then, several scientists and doctors have continued to study CBD.

This is the case, for example, of a 2014 study by Vanderbilt University in the United States which showed that CBD can "cut" the connections between certain parts of the brain responsible for anxiety.

Another 2010 study, conducted by a dozen doctors from major hospitals and universities, shows that CBD also acts on blood pressure in parts of the body associated with anxiety.


The effects of CBD, like other herbal remedies, such as Jingsheng or natural vitamins, are revealed when taken in the usual way. Its consumption can also be added to other wellness practices such as sport, yoga or meditation.