Chilled is a CBD sparkling spring water produced in France for your everyday stress and anxiety

A range of two CBD sparkling spring-water drinks produced in France

For too long, we've ignored the negative impact fast and connected lifestyles have on our mind and body. 

Chilled was created to address those issues and we now offer a range of 2 products:

-White hibiscus infusion: 1Kcal, 0 sugar, 0 sweetener, 100% natural

-Apricot & Rosemary infusion: 3Kcal, 0 sugar, 0 sweetener, 100% natural

Chilled's benefits

100% natural ingredients

0 sugar, 0 sweetener

Made in France

20 mg of CBD per can


Aluminium recycles forever

What is CBD?

Unlike THC which is sought after for its "high" effects, CBD doesn't induce any addiction or psychoactive effect. Within your body's endocannabinoid system, CBD acts as a catalyst. It optimizes natural responses to pain, but also to stress and anxiety.

CBD does not eliminate pain or anxiety, but works on the nervous system to reduce their impact. In France, its application is progressing thanks to its range of virtues.

Last, CBD is legal in France.

As of 2017 and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD “does not appear to have any potential for abuse, nor to be harmful to health.” It is therefore not addictive! And since it does not contain THC, it is not a psychotropic drug! The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from its list of doping products on January 1, 2018