The Chilled Cure

by MEURIOT Philippe


We launched Chilled in a rather special period since we were in confinement.  A new situation that none of us had ever experienced and which required resilience and adaptation. 


In this period of stress and strong anxiety of the population, and after 18 months of work and production, we received our first cans of the first sparkling water with CBD in France.


CBD consumers for several years, the launch of Chilled was based on the desire to create a drink that we can drink every day in order to have a daily CBD intake and thus benefit from the effect of this substance with many effects therapeutic. 


Chilled is hibiscus-infused spring water containing 15mg of CBD per can, sugar and sweetener free and only 1 calorie.


As we designed it to be drunk daily, we offer the following offers, in the form of Cure: La Cure Chilled 30 days and La Cure Chilled 90 days.


The way you drink your Chilled is different for everyone since the effects of CBD remain the same depending on the time you drink it.


We will nevertheless share with you our 3 favorite moments to enjoy a Chilled: in the morning, fresh on an empty stomach, after a meditation session, or even as an aperitif, to replace alcohol or caloric drinks and / or with sweeteners.


It’s up to you to figure out how to taste your Chilled. We are also taking your feedback to improve and learn about your different drinking habits.